Entry Definition
s/he, it is chilled through
s/he is chilled to bone; (shirt, etc.) cold comes through h/
it is chilled all the way through; (hat, wall) cold comes through it
s/he gets chills up spine (from fear or thrill)
s/he gives h/ shivers or chills
s/he gives h/ chills by touching h/
s/he gets a chill, catches a chill (from exposure to cold, as result of eerie experience, etc.); s/he feels chilled, feels a chill
s/he starts to feel cold, is getting chilled
s/he cools h/
s/he cools it
s/he cools h/ down (person)
s/he cools it
s/he chills or cools it (liquid)
s/he cools or chills something belonging to h/ (liquid)