Entry Definition
s/he loosens it (with wrench, screwdriver, etc.)
(rope, string) s/he loosens gradually
(chain, etc.) it loosens gradually
s/he loosens it (shoelace, headband, etc.)
s/he loosens h/ (rope, tied animal, etc.)
s/he loosens it (something tied too tight)
loosening; slipping off or out; missing intended target
s/he sets free, releases, or lets go something belonging to h/
s/he loosens it, breaks up lumps in it (crumbly or grainy material: soil, flour, etc.)
s/he, it loosens up, crumbles
s/he loosens up the ground, s/he crumbles or pulverizes (something)
s/he loosens or softens it by stomping on it (e.g., soil, caked cement powder); s/he steps on it and crushes it (egg, etc.)
s/he rubs it into small bits, sifts it, grinds it, grates it, pulverizes it; s/he loosens it (something crumbly)
s/he loosens it using hand(s) (crumbly material: soil, caked flour, etc.)
s/he breaks h/ up (e.g., clumped snow or cheese)
s/he breaks it up (clump or bed of sticky soil)
s/he hits h/ hard enough so that effect of blow penetrates deeply; (basketmaking) s/he strikes h/ heavily (ash log) to loosen thick layer (deep layers) of splints