Entry Definition
s/he fights repeatedly, fights again and again
s/he fights h/ unsuccessfully, fails in fighting h/
s/he fights it unsuccessfully, fails in fighting it
s/he is back from having quarreled or argued or fought, etc.
s/he fights back
s/he fights h/ back, fights back at h/
(boxer, etc.) s/he takes stance against h/, braces self to fight h/ (also used in reference to arguments, debates, etc.)
s/he fights against h/ despite own fears, etc.; s/he rapes h/
s/he fights against it despite own fears, etc.
s/he fights with head down; s/he butts
s/he stops fighting
they stop fighting with each other (physically)
s/he fights fiercely
s/he fought h/; s/he played dirty trick on h/; s/he put spell on h/
s/he secretly fights against h/
s/he wants to fight h/, is going to fight h/
s/he always wants to fight, is always picking a fight
s/he wants to fight it, is going to fight it
s/he fights back
s/he starts fighting
s/he fights for it
s/he fights, makes war
s/he fights h/ (attacks h/ physically)
s/he fights it
s/he fights or attacks or vandalizes something belonging to h/