Entry Definition
s/he goes back and forth bringing or taking wood
(wood, lumber) it is dry
s/he chopped wood, can chop wood
(tree, ash splint) h/ wood is easily split or easily separated into splints (for use in basketmaking, etc.)
s/he steals wood
(measure of wood) cord
object carved from pine wood
object carved from pine wood
s/he cuts wood
s/he has finished burning wood or fire
s/he kindles fire for h/, puts more wood in stove for h/
s/he is sawing wood quickly to make kindling
(tree) h/ wood is soft
s/he cuts wood, s/he is woodcutter
something made of small pieces of wood
s/he collects wood
(wood, lumber) it is dried out
wood preserved with creosote; item or structure made from such wood or from pitch pine
piece (stick) of firewood; piece of wood
wood chip, small piece of wood, piece of broken wood
s/he gathers wood chips, or small pieces of wood
dried dead wood (standing tree, bushes, etc.)
wood chip left by beaver
it is one piece of wood
(tree, ash splint) h/ wood or grain is difficult to split