Entry Definition
s/he starts to breathe again, gets breath back
the wind comes back, starts to blow again
s/he starts to breathe again, gets breath back
again; else; next, then
again! do it again!, encore!; give me some more!
again in the future; (parting, ending phone conversation, etc.) good-bye, farewell
s/he gets ready again
(making assertion) never again
(potentially, possibly) never again
s/he hits it again
(basketmaking) s/he rebinds it
s/he rinses h/ again
s/he rinses it again
s/he serves again in the same office or position
s/he recooks it (e.g., tough meat to make it tenderer)
s/he catches cold again
s/he redoes it
once again, over again; repeating one or more times
s/he remakes it, makes it again
s/he sings it again
s/he reteaches it (lesson, subject, text, song, etc.)
s/he resoaks it, soaks it again
newly encountered after long absence; (in this sense) familiar, welcome
s/he is seen again after long absence, s/he is welcome sight