Entry Definition
s/he warms up something belonging to h/ (e.g., tea) by adding hot water
(weather) it is very hot
s/he is hot, has fever
(weather, object, liquid) it is hot
there is stretch of hot weather
hot water
(water) it is hot
it is hot
it starts to heat up or get hot
it is getting hotter
(object, weather) it is too hot
s/he is so hot that s/he cries, s/he cries because of fever
s/he is very hot; s/he burns to death
s/he is red hot
it is red hot
(something stick-like) it is red hot
hot rock (for use in sweat-lodge or for heating water)
(stovepipe, nail, etc.) s/he is red hot
(weather, object, liquid) it is so hot
s/he heats it too hot (water or other liquid)
it is intensely hot
it is very hot
(water) it is nice and warm, is nice and hot