Entry Definition
it is there again and again; it shows up in one place and then another
s/he shows h/, displays h/
it is shown or displayed, it is disclosed
s/he shows (something)
s/he shows it
s/he shows it to h/
s/he shows it for h/ (on h/ behalf)
s/he reveals it
open to view, displayed, public
s/he is visible (unintentionally), shows
s/he tells h/ about (something), shows h/ (something)
it extends into view, protrudes, sticks out, shows
(boil, pimple, etc.) s/he shows or comes out in form of lump
(garment) s/he, it is showing; (person) h/ undergarment is showing (especially, her slip is showing)
moving or extending into view, showing; appearing unexpectedly
(hair) it shows; its hair shows
(water) it is showing, coming into view
h/ tongue sticks out, h/ tongue is showing
h/ face shows that s/he is begging, s/he looks as if s/he is begging
(white paper, cloth, etc.) it shows or is seen quickly
(white garment, etc.) s/he shows or is seen quickly
(light, eye) it shows white when it flickers
(eye) the white of it shows up
it shows, is visible, can be seen; it is recognizable