Entry Definition
s/he kisses it everywhere s/he goes
(person or animal) s/he is bouncing around all over the place, s/he is flailing limbs
everywhere, all over; extending or spreading throughout or to all parts or regions; (figuratively) universal
it is everywhere, it is universal; it is Catholic
(odor, gossip, disease, etc.) it spreads all over, spreads everywhere
(aroma, odor, smell) it spreads all over, spreads everywhere
it has roads or paths everywhere
everywhere, all around
s/he throws it everywhere, throws it all over the place
s/he throws it everywhere; s/he scatters it over a wide area (e.g., seed for lawn or for birds)
s/he throws something belonging to h/ all over the place
full, fully; thoroughly; throughout, all over, everywhere
s/he searches everywhere, searches thoroughly
s/he goes around everywhere
s/he goes everywhere
s/he jumps all over the place
s/he is heard throughout the area; (in translation) everyone hears h/
(soft substance; ice cream, mud) it has spread all over; it is smeared everywhere
(soft substance) s/he spreads, has spread all over, is smeared everywhere
(liquid) it flows everywhere, flows in all directions
(rope, string) s/he is strung all over, strung in all directions
s/he eats or bites holes all over h/
s/he has holes all over
it has holes all over