Entry Definition
s/he kisses it everywhere s/he goes
(person or animal) s/he is bouncing around all over the place, s/he is flailing limbs
everywhere, all over; extending or spreading throughout or to all parts or regions; (figuratively) universal
it is everywhere, it is universal
(odor, gossip, disease, etc.) it spreads all over, spreads everywhere
(aroma, odor, smell) it spreads all over, spreads everywhere
it has roads or paths everywhere
everywhere, all around
s/he throws it everywhere, throws it all over the place
s/he throws it everywhere; s/he scatters it over a wide area (e.g., seed for lawn or for birds)
s/he throws something belonging to h/ all over the place
full, fully; thoroughly; throughout, all over, everywhere
s/he searches everywhere, searches thoroughly
s/he goes around everywhere
s/he goes everywhere
s/he jumps all over the place
s/he is heard throughout the area; (in translation) everyone hears h/
(soft substance; ice cream, mud) it has spread all over; it is smeared everywhere
(soft substance) s/he spreads, has spread all over, is smeared everywhere
(liquid) it flows everywhere, flows in all directions
(rope, string) s/he is strung all over, strung in all directions
s/he eats or bites holes all over h/
s/he has holes all over
it has holes all over