Entry Definition
s/he goes around serving h/ (food), goes around giving h/ out (gum, cup, etc.); s/he goes around carrying h/ cradled in arms (child, pet, etc.)
s/he goes around serving it (food), goes around giving it out (paper, pencil, etc.)
it is apportioned or allotted or distributed in designated way
s/he allots it, apportions it, distributes it in designated way
s/he distributes it, gives it out
it is apportioned, allotted, distributed
s/he apportions it, allots it, distributes it
s/he apportions, allots, distributes something belonging to h/
s/he sets traps out in all directions; (figuratively, man) he has children by many different women
s/he distributes h/, gives h/ out; arranges h/ in various places
it is distributed, is given out; it is arranged in various places (e.g., chairs in places around a room)
s/he distributes it, gives it out; arranges it in various places
s/he distributes or apportions it evenly
s/he distributes something belonging to h/ evenly, s/he divides it evenly among them