Entry Definition
s/he stops reprimanding h/, stops scolding h/, stops lecturing h/
s/he scolds h/ wherever they go
s/he scolds h/ harshly and loudly, berates h/
s/he scolds or reprimands h/ loudly, upbraids h/
s/he scolded h/, can scold h/
s/he argues with h/, scolds h/, berates h/; s/he speaks to h/
s/he acts as spokesperson; s/he scolds
s/he characteristically has stern face; s/he scolds a lot
s/he starts to scold
s/he is heard scolding (but is not seen)
s/he gets angry at h/ when talking to h/, gets angry as result of talking to h/
s/he reprimands h/, gives h/ a good talking to
s/he rebukes h/, scolds h/, reprimands h/
s/he is scolding h/
s/he comes into view scolding
s/he gets so mad when scolding h/ that s/he (scolder) cries