Entry Definition
s/he keeps an eye on cooking food (at request of cook) so that it doesn't burn or boil over, etc.
s/he moves it around (eye) watching or looking
s/he goes around watching it, s/he keeps an eye on it
s/he goes around watching h/, s/he keeps an eye on h/
s/he watched, can watch (television, movie)
s/he keeps an eye on it secretly
s/he keeps eye on h/ without h/ knowledge
s/he watches very carefully
s/he starts to watch h/, starts to keep an eye on h/
s/he goes (comes) to watch television or movie
s/he watches h/ until s/he can no longer see h/
s/he watches it until it is out of sight
one who keeps watch, sentinel, watchman, lookout; scout
s/he watches h/ recede into distance
s/he watches it as it moves farther and farther away, watches it fading away in the distance
s/he looks at it, watches it
s/he looks at h/, watches h/ (as spectator)
s/he is looking at it; s/he is watching it (television, movie)
pocket watch; anything small designed to be carried in the pocket
s/he nods off while watching television or movie
s/he is watching television, movie
s/he is watching television, watching a movie
s/he watches attentively, stands guard
s/he watches it carefully
s/he watches or looks at h/ carefully, looks h/ over thoroughly; (doctor) s/he examines h/, gives h/ checkup