Entry Definition
s/he searches around for it
s/he hits h/ when searching for h/ (e.g., with stick)
s/he hits it when searching for it (e.g., with stick)
s/he searches
it is being looked or searched for
s/he looks or searches for it, seeks it
s/he looks for something belonging to h/
s/he searches for its tracks
s/he starts to look for it, sets off looking for it
s/he starts to search
s/he looks for it painstakingly, s/he makes thorough search for it
s/he goes (comes) to track h/ or to search for h/ tracks
s/he goes (comes) to search for its tracks (sled, car, etc.)
s/he looks for h/ there
s/he comes or arrives looking for h/
s/he searches everywhere, searches thoroughly
s/he searches or rummages through things
(police, security officer) s/he frisks h/, searches h/ clothing
s/he, it is being searched, rummaged through
s/he searches it, rummages through it (in order to find something)
s/he is searching
s/he searches around
s/he searches around