Entry Definition
s/he keeps drinking, drinks repeatedly
s/he forces h/ to drink
s/he forces h/ to drink
s/he sips; s/he drinks jigger of liquor
s/he stops drinking (especially, discontinues use of alcohol)
swig, drink, mouthful of water or other beverage
s/he drinks repeatedly
s/he gave h/ excessive amount of drink, gave h/ too much to drink
s/he drank, can drink; s/he ate or can eat soup or stew
s/he drank, can drink
s/he has passed out from drinking too much
s/he makes h/ pass out by giving h/ too much to drink (usually, alcohol)
s/he sneaks a drink (alcohol); s/he sells or serves alcoholic beverages illegally (including to underage drinkers), s/he is bootlegger
s/he drinks it
s/he drinks alcoholic beverage
drinking (of alcoholic beverages)
s/he wants to drink (any beverage), wants to eat soup, stew, etc.; s/he is going to drink, etc.
s/he is thirsty; s/he wants to drink, is going to drink
s/he is eating or drinking liquid food (soup, stew, beer, etc.)
s/he drinks
s/he drinks something sweet
s/he drinks too much
(ai) s/he drinks with others; (ai+obj) s/he drinks with h/
s/he drinks with them
s/he takes big swig of it, takes several big swigs of it in succession