Entry Definition
hiding, hidden, out of sight, out of view; secretly
secretly; in hidden or secluded place
s/he takes it secretly
s/he takes it secretly from h/
it is said secretly, it is named secretly, it has code name
s/he says it secretly, says it in such a way that it cannot be heard
s/he says secretly something pertaining to h/
s/he says it secretly for h/
s/he smokes secretly, hides to smoke
(story, etc.) it is told secretly
s/he looks at it secretly, peeks at it
s/he laughs silently or secretly, laughs to self
s/he speaks silently or secretly, whispers so as not to be heard, murmurs
s/he does things quietly so as not to disturb or alert others
silently, quietly; stealthily, secretly
s/he eavesdrops, listens secretly
s/he secretly kicks it
secretly, sneakily, on the sly
s/he secretly fights against h/
s/he makes it secretly
s/he harms or damages it secretly
s/he goes after h/ secretly to hurt or insult h/ (e.g., in seeking revenge)
s/he secretly harms something belonging to h/
s/he smuggles it, carries it across secretly
s/he secretly takes it out