Entry Definition
(fire, stove) s/he keeps adding solid fuel to it (wood, coal, kindling)
s/he keeps something belonging to h/ burning
s/he burns or cooks from the inside out; s/he turns inside-out when burning or cooking
s/he burns unevenly (e.g., pie in oven)
it burns unevenly
s/he keeps it burning until dawn for h/
s/he burns mark on h/; s/he brands h/ (animal)
s/he burns mark on it; s/he scars it by burning it (body part)
it is marked by burning or scorching
it burns fast, burns furiously
s/he burns self
s/he accidentally burns self
s/he burned it, can burn it
s/he burned or can burn something belonging to h/
s/he feels warmth or burning of urine or feces (e.g., from having urinated while asleep)
it starts to burn
there is communal bonfire; there is group of people burning things together
they make communal fire
s/he has finished burning wood or fire
it burns slowly, is slow-burning
it burns poorly
s/he starts h/ burning, sets h/ on fire
s/he starts it burning for h/; s/he kindles something belonging to h/
s/he starts fire for h/
s/he accidentally burns h/ in fire (unintentionally burning h/ with what s/he intended to burn)