Entry Definition
wipe, wipe off; remove
s/he wipes h/ dry (pot, dish, food residue)
s/he wipes it dry
s/he wipes h/ (dish, pot, etc.)
s/he wipes dishes, dries dishes
s/he wipes it dry (utensil)
s/he wipes h/ dry briskly, dries h/ off briskly
s/he wipes it dry briskly, dries it off briskly
s/he wipes dry something belonging to h/
s/he wipes h/ face
(usually, a woman) she applies vermilion on (someone's) forehead (man) or cheeks (woman) to mark end of a period of mourning (old Peskotomuhkati custom)
(usually woman) she applies vermilion to h/ forehead (man) or cheeks (woman) to mark the end of a period of mourning; (priest, deacon) s/he annoints h/ (especially, as part of last rites)
s/he wipes the tears from h/ eyes
s/he rubs h/ off (soft substance); s/he wipes h/ off quickly and inadequately
s/he wipes h/
it is wiped
s/he wipes it
s/he wipes self
s/he wipes (own) feet
s/he prepares food for h/ so many times; s/he wipes h/ (dish, pot) so many times
s/he makes it vanish or disappear; s/he wipes it out (e.g., debt); (figuratively) s/he changes subject to hide it
s/he makes something belonging to h/ vanish or wipes it out (e.g., h/ debt)
s/he wipes it clean; s/he rubs it out, erases it completely
s/he goes around wiping self; s/he turns this way and that wiping self