Entry Definition
it has English name; (translation of word) in English it is called
s/he calls at h/ loudly from a distance
s/he calls to h/, yells to h/, shouts at h/ from a distance
s/he calls h/ bad name (usually, with sexual connotation)
s/he calls it, telephones it (store, office, etc.)
s/he calls h/ (especially, on telephone)
s/he calls h/ in, sends h/ in, tells h/ to go in; (baseball) s/he sends h/ (runner) to home plate
it is called, is named
it is called, is named
s/he is named ..., is called ...; h/ name is ...
its name is, it is called
s/he starts to say it, starts to call it by a name
(fish) s/he jerks on line attached to h/ (fisherman); (person) s/he calls h/ on telephone, sends telegram to h/
s/he calls them together, s/he convokes them
s/he calls out to h/ as loudly as s/he can
s/he calls h/ all sorts of names (insulting h/)
s/he calls h/ rude names
s/he is heard shouting or calling out (but is not seen)
s/he knows how to call h/ name (in friendly teasing)
s/he tells or orders h/ to go out, calls to h/ to come out
s/he calls h/ names (insulting h/)
s/he calls it (by a name), s/he names it
s/he names something belonging to h/
s/he calls h/ (by a name), s/he names h/
s/he calls to h/