Entry Definition
(water) it comes out fast or shoots a long way (e.g., from a hose); s/he splashes a lot of water (e.g., whale or diver when hitting water)
s/he, it is heard sloshing around or splashing (but is not seen)
s/he is heard splashing in water (but is not seen)
s/he splashes liquid on h/, sprinkles h/ with water
s/he sprinkles or splashes liquid on it
(milk, water) s/he, it splashes in all directions
s/he is splashing
s/he is splashing water
s/he, it makes so big a splash
s/he laps it (water); s/he splashes it toward self (liquid; e.g., throws rocks into water on far side of out-of-reach object to cause object to float nearer)
s/he splashes around in water