Entry Definition
(gun, trigger) it is cocked
s/he cocks it (gun)
s/he removes the bait from it; disarms it (trap, alarm); uncocks it or puts its safety on (gun)
rooster; (other birds) male, cock
(trap, alarm) it is set; (gun) it is cocked
(trap, alarm, gun, etc.) cocked, set, ready to go off; going off; reaching or experiencing orgasm
s/he cocks h/ (e.g., draws back bow or crossbow)
s/he sets or arms it (trap, alarm); cocks it (gun)
s/he sets or arms something belonging to h/ (trap, alarm); s/he cocks something belonging to h/ (gun)
(bow, crossbow) s/he is cocked
s/he bends it toward self; s/he cocks its trigger (gun)
s/he cocks its trigger (gun)