Entry Definition
s/he grabs h/ by luck (e.g., ball)
s/he grabs it by luck
s/he grabs it to keep it from falling
s/he, it is bruised or marked by having been grabbed
s/he grabs h/ by the clothes and shakes h/ roughly
s/he shakes it violently (cloth, paper, etc.)
s/he grabs it quickly, snatches it
s/he grabs or steals it no matter what it is, heedlessly; s/he grabs or steals it regardless
s/he grabs or steals something belonging to h/ heedlessly
s/he grabs things and takes them, s/he snatches
s/he removes it by grabbing or snatching it
s/he removes something belonging to h/ by grabbing or snatching it
s/he knocks it off h/, snatches or grabs it away from h/
s/he snatches it away from h/ (out of h/ hand)
s/he grabs on
s/he lands and grabs or holds on
s/he grabs it (moving object) and holds it still; s/he holds on to it too long (e.g., baseball bat)
s/he grabs h/ and holds on
s/he yanks it off, pulls it off quickly
s/he takes or gets hold of h/, catches hold of h/
s/he gets hold of it, catches it by grabbing it (moving object)
s/he sets it off or trips it by grabbing it (e.g., sets off mousetrap when feeling around in dark)
s/he grabs it or catches it without seeing it (by chance)
s/he grabs h/ at last minute to take along
s/he grabs it at last minute to take along