Entry Definition
s/he has old shoes, h/ shoes are old
something ancient or very old
very old, ancient
something old, antique, antiquated, archaic, etc.
(object, institution, etc.) s/he, it is old, in antique, is archaic
it is old
old, ancient
(food) it tastes old, tastes stale
(food) s/he tastes old, tastes stale
it sounds old
old house, old building
it looks old
s/he looks old
old bag
old or elderly person; person who lived long ago
something old-fashioned, something from long ago
ancient, old, from long ago
old canoe, old boat
s/he is old
big, great; old; pure
s/he is old
s/he looks old
old man Francis (or Frank), Francis the elder (e.g., father as opposed to son)
s/he is so many years old
it is so many years old