Entry Definition
s/he shoots it by luck
s/he shoots h/ by luck
s/he damages it by shooting it (but does not destroy it completely)
s/he knocks it over by shooting it
s/he shoots from there
s/he shoots h/ causing h/ head to go down
they shoot at h/ from both sides
s/he stops shooting
(hunter, marksman) s/he shoots ahead of moving target (trying to hit it)
s/he shoots at it causing it to flap loosely (flag, awning, etc.)
(water) it comes out fast or shoots a long way (e.g., from a hose); s/he splashes a lot of water (e.g., whale or diver when hitting water)
s/he shot, fired shot; s/he can shoot
(sniper, etc.) s/he ambushes it, shoots at it from concealed position
s/he sinks it by shooting it or torpedoing it (e.g., boat)
s/he sinks h/ by shooting h/ or torpedoing h/ (e.g., person in boat)
it is sunk by being shot or torpedoed
s/he shoots it more times than necessary
s/he shoots h/ more times than necessary
(ai) s/he wounds self by shooting; (ii) it is hit by shot
s/he shoots it accurately, hits it with shot
s/he shoots h/ accurately, hits h/ with shot, wounds h/
s/he shoots something off h/
s/he shoots it (e.g., bone) and sound of bullet hitting can be heard
s/he hits below h/ (intended target), shoots below h/
s/he hits below it (intended target), shoots below it