Entry Definition
wipe, wipe off; remove
s/he erases h/ name, removes h/ from list
s/he erases it, deletes it, removes it from list (name, word, drawing, etc.)
it is removed from the count, it is not counted (in the total)
s/he removes it from the count
s/he soaks h/ to remove something (e.g., salt fish, to remove salt)
s/he soaks it to remove something, s/he removes it by soaking
s/he takes it off; s/he doffs it (garment, hat)
s/he removes something belonging to h/
off; removing, taking off, doffing; taking out, extracting
s/he removes it by grabbing or snatching it
s/he removes something belonging to h/ by grabbing or snatching it
s/he removes h/ underpants; (humorous) s/he peels bark off h/ (tree)
it is off, it has been removed
s/he pulls it out (string-like object; e.g., digs chain out of ground)
s/he removes h/ from hook (fish or bait)
s/he removes the bait from it; disarms it (trap, alarm); uncocks it or puts its safety on (gun)
s/he takes bait off hook, removes bait from trap
s/he writes h/ off; s/he removes h/ name from list
s/he writes it off; s/he removes it from list
s/he removes self from list; s/he resigns
s/he removes or cleans up animal waste (excrement)
s/he removes its teeth or tines (rake, saw, etc.)
s/he removes eggs from it (nest, etc.); s/he removes it from nest (egg)
s/he removes eggs from nest(s), gathers eggs