Entry Definition
s/he weaves cloth
s/he weaves fancily
s/he weaves or spins something fancy; s/he decorates Christmas tree (with strings of lights or berries, etc.)
(loom, etc., spinning-wheel) it weaves or spins something fancy
it is woven fancily
s/he does fine weaving
s/he sews with closely spaced or short stitches; s/he weaves closely, does fine weaving
s/he weaves fast
s/he weaves h/ through the split stander
(basketmaking) s/he wants to weave, is going to weave
(basketmaking) s/he weaves through the split made in a stander
s/he stitches thus, sews with stitches of that length; s/he weaves thus
(basketmaking) s/he weaves
s/he weaves it (basket) around form or mold
(basketmaking) s/he is slow weaver, weaves slowly
(basketmaking) s/he weaves fast, is fast weaver
s/he weaves design into it
(basketmaking) s/he weaves it thus
(basketmaking) s/he is left-handed weaver; s/he weaves clockwise
h/ sews with stitches that are far apart or long; weaves over and under several warp threads at a time
s/he staggers, weaves from side to side while walking (from being ill, dizzy, old, etc.)
s/he sews fast, stitches quickly; s/he weaves fast
s/he sews or weaves in continuous straight line
(basketmaker) s/he weaves (a stander) back (along itself — after folding it)
s/he weaves it tightly