Entry Definition
(child) s/he knows a lot, is knowledgeable, is learned
s/he knows
wouldn't you know it!
s/he knows it, knows what it is like
s/he knows about something belonging to h/; s/he knows something about h/
s/he knows h/ (knows h/ nature or character, etc.)
s/he belongs to many organizations, knows many things, comes from various backgrounds; (person with various jobs or positions) s/he wears many hats
s/he knows it, recognizes it
s/he knows h/, recognizes h/
s/he memorizes it, s/he knows it by heart
(response to question) I don't know
s/he knows it thoroughly or perfectly; s/he knows it for certain, knows it to be true
s/he knows it well, knows it inside-out
s/he knows h/ well, knows h/ inside-out
s/he knows it thoroughly
s/he knows it thoroughly, knows it through and through
s/he learns it or knows it backward (i.e., back to front, from end to beginning); s/he "gets it backward" (e.g., thinks her left hand is her right hand, and vice-versa)
s/he does not know about h/; cannot imagine (something) about h/; has no thoughts at all about h/
s/he does not know about it; cannot imagine it; cannot think of it at all
s/he knows how to fight
s/he knows it well
s/he knows it well
s/he recognizes it, can identify it, knows it by its appearance
s/he recognizes h/, can identify h/, knows h/ by h/ appearance
s/he is found out (h/ actions, motives, intents, etc. have been discovered); s/he knows where s/he is going