Entry Definition
s/he walks (into water) until head is underwater; (sailor) s/he sinks until water covers mast of boat
s/he burrows or sinks into soft earth or mud
s/he walks far into or sinks into (woods, grass, brush, snow, mud, etc.); (thorn, etc.) s/he gradually works way into (body, carpet, etc.; verb ai 9)
s/he, it sinks (in water); (ai) s/he drowns
s/he sinks it by shooting it or torpedoing it (e.g., boat)
s/he sinks h/ by shooting h/ or torpedoing h/ (e.g., person in boat)
s/he sinks it with weight of body
s/he sinks h/ with weight of body
it is sunk by being shot or torpedoed
s/he, it sinks
it sinks
(mud, soft ground, quicksand) it sinks in (when someone steps on it)