Entry Definition
loosening; slipping off or out
h/ pants or skirt or diaper, etc. slips down
h/ tongue slips; s/he makes slip of tongue, sticks foot in mouth (says wrong word or offends)
s/he, it slips off
s/he unintentionally lets h/ slip out of hand(s); (baseball: pitcher) s/he intentionally lets h/ (ball) slip out of hand
s/he lets it slip out of hand(s)
s/he nearly cuts it but misses, the knife slipping off it
h/ clothing is shabby or in disarray, s/he is dressed poorly; her slip is showing; (flag) it hangs unevenly, it is twisted
s/he slips it on (garment)
(garment, shoe, etc.) s/he, it goes on quickly, slips on quickly
s/he puts it on, slips it on, slips into it
s/he slips (on slippery surface)
(garment) s/he, it is showing; (person) h/ undergarment is showing (especially, her slip is showing)
s/he slips when stepping on something soft (e.g., slush, mud)
s/he slips (on something)
s/he slips when stepping (e.g., on ice, on dance floor, on banana peel)
(woman's undergarment) slip
s/he says something wrong, makes slip of tongue