Entry Definition
s/he rests feet on it, s/he uses it to rest feet on (e.g., desk)
s/he presses it down or compacts it with foot (feet)
s/he presses down or compacts something belonging to h/ with foot (feet)
s/he resists being moved by bracing feet against something
s/he tangles h/ with feet (rope, rug, snake)
s/he tangles it with feet
s/he presses on it forcefully with foot or body; s/he brakes it (e.g., car)
the sole of h/ foot
using just one foot
s/he hides it with foot
s/he wipes (own) feet
s/he slides it with one foot to hide it between feet (e.g., dollar bill on ground)
s/he has itchy foot or feet
s/he has itchy foot or feet; h/ foot or feet get itchy
s/he has sore foot or feet
(on ice, in dark) s/he uses foot to pick path
s/he has big feet
s/he knocks it over with foot
s/he knocks it over with foot (feet) or body
s/he traps it with foot, holds it by stepping on it (paper, cloth, etc.; e.g., when blowing away)
s/he washes (own) feet
s/he has wide feet
s/he pushes self off with feet
s/he has cold feet
smelly foot, smelly toe