Entry Definition
it has so many pages or layers (e.g., dictionary with sections A-Z)
it is thick and consists of layers
it has or consists of two pages or layers
s/he, it has or consists of two layers (cloth, paper, etc.)
s/he has two layers, consists of two layers
it has or consists of two pages or layers
it is thick layer
(basketmaking) s/he splits h/ (basket ash) into thinner layers along grain
(ii; e.g., spruce root) it splits along grain; (ai; e.g., ash splint used in basketmaking) s/he splits along the grain into thinner layers; (ai; person) s/he splits ash splint(s) into thinner layers
s/he splits h/ (ash splint) along grain into thinner layers using teeth to hold one side
s/he splits it into two thinner layers (hide, etc.)
it is red and made up of layers (e.g., red book)
s/he, it is formed of single sheet (of cloth, paper, etc.); (dual and plural) they form single layer
(book, etc.) it has three sections in form of layers, it has three pages
(cake, coat) s/he has three layers
it is stuck on in layer (e.g., egg in frying pan)
(lake, puddle, etc., or portion of surface) there is thin layer of ice on it; skim ice forms
s/he wears outer layer of clothing
(book, something made up of layers) it is thick, it is stacked high
s/he coats it with ice, puts layer of ice on it (skating rink, pavement; e.g., by spreading water on it)