Entry Definition
event, occurrence, happening; truth, the way it is
Koluskap (variant proposed by PP as origin of this name; see koluwosu); (also, WN) bearer of great truth
it is so; it is true, it is the truth; it happens; it matters; it is that way; something is the matter with it
s/he exposes the truth about h/
s/he swears to it, swears to truth of it; s/he certifies it, s/he confirms it
s/he finds out the truth from h/; (Wol) s/he asks h/ (in order to find out answer to question)
s/he sticks to the truth, is truthful person
s/he takes or swears oath; promises to tell truth
s/he tells truth about h/; s/he persuades h/, convinces h/; s/he makes h/ tell the truth
s/he confronts h/, says something about h/ in h/ presence; s/he finds out the truth from h/ about what someone else did
truth, evidence
it is (the) truth, it is real