Entry Definition
s/he unlocks h/; s/he lets h/ out by unlocking
s/he leaves something belonging to h/ alone; s/he lets h/ do it
here, let me see that (indicates interest in something near or being held by person spoken to); hmm ... let me think; well, now; let me go by
s/he lends it out, lets it be used (by someone else)
s/he lets h/, allows h/, permits h/
s/he lets, allows, or permits h/ to do it or to have it
s/he doesn't want to let h/ leave, doesn't let h/ leave
s/he lets h/ in
s/he lets it in
s/he lets h/ sleep (by not disturbing h/)
s/he puts or takes h/ out, lets h/ out, gets h/ out
s/he allows or permits h/ to do it
s/he lets h/ do it from h/ direction (e.g., because of better angle for shooting or photographing from there)