Entry Definition
s/he yanks it out; s/he tweezes it (hair)
s/he yanks it or tugs it as hard as s/he can
s/he yanks it away from h/ with great force
s/he throws it off, yanks it off (e.g., door off hinges); s/he pulls or yanks it out (from where it is stuck or encased)
s/he yanks it off h/
s/he yanks it off, pulls it off quickly
s/he rips or yanks it off or out (something string-like)
s/he yanks or pulls sharply something string-like off h/ (e.g., loose thread on h/ clothing)
s/he yanks h/ out into the open
s/he yanks it out into the open
s/he yanks h/ hair and lets go
s/he pulls it sharply or abruptly, tugs it, yanks it
s/he yanks it away from h/, pulls it away from h/ sharply
s/he pulls on something belonging to h/ (cloth, belt, etc.)
s/he pulls h/ quickly, yanks h/ (something string-like)
s/he pulls it quickly, yanks it (something string-like)