Entry Definition
s/he cleans up thoroughly
s/he looks for it painstakingly, s/he makes thorough search for it
s/he understands it completely or thoroughly, understands all of it
all at same time; completely, thoroughly; clean, cleanly
it is known thoroughly or perfectly; it is known with certainty, is known to be true
s/he knows it thoroughly or perfectly; s/he knows it for certain, knows it to be true
completely, thoroughly; already complete
s/he cleans it thoroughly, fixes it completely
s/he cleans thoroughly something belonging to h/
patiently, thoroughly, at length
s/he looks it over patiently and thoroughly, looks it over at length
s/he looks h/ over at length, patiently and thoroughly
s/he looks all around it (room, etc.), s/he examines it thoroughly
full, fully; thoroughly; throughout, all over, everywhere
s/he searches everywhere, searches thoroughly
s/he knows it thoroughly
s/he knows it thoroughly, knows it through and through
it is appraised, it is thoroughly examined
it is thoroughly cleaned or tidied