Entry Definition
s/he keeps knocking or pounding or tapping or or chopping
it keeps knocking, pounding, tapping, chopping
s/he taps h/ with hand to get h/ attention; s/he nudges or pokes h/
s/he hits or taps it down, hits it to lower it (e.g., stake in ground); s/he tamps it down (e.g., filling material in tooth)
s/he taps it downward (basket-weave, to tighten it before binding)
(basketmaking) s/he taps weavers down (to tighten basket after splints have dried)
(basketmaking) tool used to tap weavers downward (to tighten basket before binding)
s/he is feeling around by tapping (e.g., with cane, with pole)
s/he taps h/ (against something), taps with h/
s/he is tapping it (against something), is tapping with it
s/he is tapping with something belonging to h/
s/he taps h/ lightly on head
s/he taps h/ lightly; (baseball) s/he tags h/ out
s/he taps it lightly; s/he touches on it, alludes to it (topic, etc.)
s/he is tapping foot
s/he goes around making noise with feet (e.g., wearing high heels); s/he goes around taking collection (refers to sound of coins dropping into basket)