Entry Definition
s/he acts mature, acts grown up; s/he is surprisingly bright for age
s/he makes it brighter (light, lamp)
it sparkles brightly
s/he, it shines or glows very brightly
s/he, it is bright white
(house, etc.) it is brightly lit, it is lit up
(light, lamp) it is bright
it looks bright, glistens
s/he lights it; s/he sees it as being brightly lit, (in translation) it looks brightly lit to h/ (e.g., house with light reflecting off windows)
(light) it shines forth brightly, sparks or sparkles brightly
bright light comes forth from it
it shines brightly, it is aglow
it sparkles brightly
brightly, fancily, showily; very
it is very brightly lit
it is brightly coloured
s/he is brightly coloured
it glitters or sparkles brightly
there is beautiful or bright moonlight