Entry Definition
snowshoe path
road, street; route
beaten path
(on ice, in dark) s/he uses foot to pick path
there was a road or path there; it was a road or path
shortcut path or road
it is shortcut path or road
path along which snare is set
(road, path) its condition is such; it is situated, it curves, etc. in such a way
s/he takes path to there
it is a bumpy road; there are various roads or paths there
(road, path) it is in poor condition; it is bad road or path
(road, path) it keeps going, it goes by
it has roads or paths everywhere
s/he makes path for h/; goes ahead making or breaking trail for h/
(road, path) it goes in that direction
(road, path) it splits, there is fork in it
a road or path goes through
a road or path goes through
it is straight road or path
it is smooth road or path
a road or path goes by
there is road or path circling something; it is loop road
it is good road or path; there is a good road or path; (road, path) it is in good condition