Entry Definition
s/he nails it (onto something)
s/he laces it up (corset, etc.); s/he screws it onto something (bolt, nut, etc.)
s/he puts it onto (something) so that it hangs, s/he hangs it on something
(garment, shoe, etc.) s/he, it goes on quickly, slips on quickly
onto; putting on so as to go around or cover; donning
s/he, it goes onto (something)
s/he puts corn cobs on sticks to dry
s/he sews it onto something belonging to h/
s/he puts something belonging to h/ on hanger, hook, etc.
s/he hits h/ on
s/he hits it on
s/he hooks h/ onto (something); s/he hooks h/
s/he is hooked onto or into it (e.g., clothing on thorn, etc.)
it hooks onto or into (something) (e.g., shackle into case of padlock)
s/he ties h/ onto something
s/he ties it onto something
s/he ties something belonging to h/ onto something
s/he hits h/ to make h/ go onto something
s/he hits it to make it go onto something
s/he hits something belonging to h/ to make it go onto something
s/he sews it onto (something)
s/he sews h/ onto (something)
s/he heals onto something; (figurative usage) s/he becomes closely attached to someone
s/he is frozen onto (something)
it is frozen onto (something)