Entry Definition
s/he keeps on writing or drawing, keeps on taking photographs
it is written separately, is drawn separately, is photographed separately
s/he, it was or can be written or drawn or photographed
s/he wrote or drew it, can write or draw it; s/he photographed it, can photograph it
s/he writes derisively about it, makes fun of it in writing, lampoons it in writing; s/he makes it look grotesque in drawing
s/he draws or photographs h/ as part of group; (mawwikha) s/he draws or photographs them as group
s/he scribbles, scrawls; s/he writes or draws in a place where s/he shouldn't (e.g., on wall, on tablecloth)
(document, photograph, picture) it is badly written, taken, or drawn; it is sexy or pornographic
s/he writes poorly, draws poorly, is poor photographer; s/he writes dirty or lewd stories, draws or takes dirty pictures
s/he writes it poorly, draws it poorly, takes poor photograph of it; s/he writes or draws or photographs it (something dirty or lewd)
s/he copies h/ by writing or drawing h/ on own paper
s/he copies it by writing or drawing it on own paper
s/he goes (comes) to get water, draw water
s/he goes (comes) to get water, draw water
s/he draws h/ freehand (accurately)
s/he makes written copy or photocopy, draws freehand (accurately)
s/he copies it by writing or photographing it; s/he draws it freehand (accurately)
s/he goes (comes) to write or draw or take photographs
s/he paints or draws with colors thus
s/he, it is written or drawn thus; s/he, it is depicted or portrayed thus
s/he is drawing or writing it, is photographing it
it has a line drawn on it parallel to something
s/he is painting or drawing with colors
s/he draws h/ well, s/he takes good photograph of h/
s/he writes or draws it well, s/he takes good photograph of it