Entry Definition
(tree) h/ grain is crooked or twisted
s/he holds or turns body to one side (posture)
s/he, it twists along a curve (e.g., wood-grain, coil binding)
(tree) h/ grain is twisted
s/he twists it, sprains it (joint)
(ligament, joint) it is twisted or sprained
s/he twists ankle; (joint) s/he is twisted or sprained
h/ clothing is shabby or in disarray, s/he is dressed poorly; her slip is showing; (flag) it hangs unevenly, it is twisted
(tree) h/ wood splits poorly (e.g., because grain is twisted)
s/he twists dry ear of corn with hand(s) to remove dry kernels
it is corkscrew-shaped
s/he twists h/, turns h/
s/he turns it (knob, faucet, jar lid, etc.)
s/he twists; (pitched baseball) s/he curves
s/he twists it quickly (e.g., bottlecap)
s/he twists quickly something belonging to h/
s/he twists or breaks h/ neck off