Entry Definition
s/he eats repeatedly between meals
s/he slides it with one foot to hide it between feet (e.g., dollar bill on ground)
s/he holds something belonging to h/ firmly between teeth
they are pulling it back and forth between them, trying to take it away from each other
s/he holds it between legs, is astride it
s/he holds between legs something belonging to h/
s/he holds h/ between legs; (wrestling) s/he has scissors-hold on h/
s/he stands holding it between legs (object resting on ground)
it is located between
s/he glances at it between something (curtains, slats of a venetian blind, fence boards, etc.)
(cloth, paper, etc.) it is located between
between; (archaic, with kinship terms) great
between, in between
s/he eats frequently, eats on the run, eats between meals, picks up bits to eat here and there, snacks
partition between rooms
s/he holds it between thighs