Entry Definition
easy, easily
(tree, ash splint) h/ wood is easily split or easily separated into splints (for use in basketmaking, etc.)
s/he, it is fragile, breaks easily
easily, readily
s/he, it is brittle, decays or spoils easily
s/he handles it easily (debt, situation, etc.)
s/he easily overcomes it, gets to it or reaches it easily
s/he carves it easily
(in bargaining) s/he easily gets h/ to lower price, easily gets the advantage on h/ in bargaining
s/he obtains it easily
s/he convinces h/ easily
s/he convinces h/ easily
s/he teaches or trains h/ easily
s/he hits h/ easily; s/he pounds h/ easily (stick of ash)
s/he easily gets to h/ by running, etc.; s/he easily gets something from h/ (e.g., money from official)
it is done quickly and easily
(tree) h/ bark comes off easily
s/he laughs easily
(indicating sensitivity or susceptibility) often, frequently, easily
s/he gets mad easily, angers easily
s/he gets angry often, gets angry easily
s/he frequently forgets, forgets easily, is forgetful
s/he cries a lot, cries easily; s/he is crybaby
it is beautiful to see (vista, etc.); it is easily seen (e.g., not camouflaged)
(tree) h/ wood splits easily (e.g., because grain is straight)