Entry Definition
s/he mistreats h/, treats h/ poorly, ill-uses h/, abuses h/
s/he dresses h/ poorly
s/he feels poorly
s/he dresses poorly
it is poorly made, shoddily built
s/he makes it poorly
it burns poorly
(employer) s/he pays poorly, pays less than s/he should
s/he pays h/ poorly, pays h/ too little
h/ clothing is shabby or in disarray, s/he is dressed poorly; her slip is showing; (flag) it hangs unevenly, it is twisted
s/he, it turns out poorly; (event) it goes badly
s/he habitually eats dirty or spoiled food, eats badly or poorly
s/he eats badly or poorly; s/he eats things that are dirty, spoiled, etc.
(tree) h/ wood splits poorly (e.g., because grain is twisted)
s/he, it tears poorly (e.g., not in straight line or leaving messy edges)
s/he explains self poorly, it is poorly explained; s/he, it is poorly understood, is misunderstood
s/he misunderstands, understands poorly, has difficulty understanding
(car) it runs poorly, malfunctions
s/he thinks poorly of self
do poorly, not know how to do well, not be good at
it is poorly cleaned or tidied
s/he teaches h/ poorly; s/he corrupts h/
s/he teaches it badly or poorly (lesson, subject, text, song, etc.)
s/he chops or pounds h/ poorly (tree, ash log, etc.)
(tree, log, pole) s/he, it is poorly cut (e.g., crooked, too short); (ash log) s/he is poorly pounded