Entry Definition
s/he has glandular disease or condition, has goiter
h/ legs are in poor condition
s/he looks to be in poor condition or poor health
it is in poor or pitiful condition
(person, tool) h/, its teeth are in such a condition; (ai; shoe, tire) h/ tread is in such a condition; (ii; wood) its grain is such
(road, path) its condition is such; it is situated, it curves, etc. in such a way
s/he has chest pain(s), has heartburn or other condition in chest
(road, path) it is in poor condition; it is bad road or path
(garment, etc.) s/he is wrinkled, crumpled; s/he is in poor condition
(cloth, paper, etc.) it is wrinkled, crumpled; it is in poor condition
s/he is bad, evil; (food) s/he is spoiled, sour, rancid; s/he is in bad condition
s/he has heart condition, has heart problems or troubles
(patient who is improving or getting worse) h/ condition has progressed to a certain point
s/he is in a certain condition or has a certain status relative to others or in comparison with former condition; (athlete, competitor, contestant) s/he is in a certain place relative to others (e.g., in first place, in third place)
it is good road or path; there is a good road or path; (road, path) it is in good condition