Entry Definition
s/he is brunette, has dark hair
it is darkest part of night, is the dead of night
it is dark in color
(inanimate) charcoal, soot; (slang, animate) person with dark skin
black in color, dark
(heartwood of Fraxinus nigra) ash wood with dark color (used for utility baskets)
it is dusky or shadowy; it is getting dark; (outdoors at dusk or dawn) there is inadequate light
(indoors or outdoors) it is dark
(indoors or outdoors) it looks dark
in the dark
it is dark hole, it is dark interior space
it looks dark (inside hole, room, etc.)
(cave, etc.) it is dark hole
it is getting dark (e.g., outdoors after dusk)
dark; (figuratively) mischievous
it looks dark; (outdoors in evening) it looks as if it is getting dark
(smoke, mist, fog) it is thick; (place, atmosphere) it is dark with smoke or mist or fog
it is snowing so hard that it's dark or hard to see
it is dark night
it is night, it is dark out
s/he is overtaken by dark
s/he stays until dark
it is raining so hard that it is dark or it is hard to see
s/he sits in dark
tight, tightly; (darkness, smoke, etc.) obscuring vision