Entry Definition
starting, beginning; departing, going away; (traveler, etc.) starting off
s/he runs away because s/he is scared; s/he begins to get scared
s/he starts to make it; s/he moves it a little, starts to move it
s/he carries h/ away by boat; s/he begins to ferry h/
s/he carries it away by boat; s/he begins to ferry it
s/he carries away by boat or begins to ferry something belonging to h/
s/he begins to do it, begins to work on it
s/he begins to gather driftwood, moves away gathering driftwood
s/he begins to pound ash to obtain basket splints
s/he, it floats away, begins to float
it starts to get windy; wind begins to blow
(project, process, etc.) it is in beginning stages, work on it is beginning
s/he starts to work on it
s/he begins to work on something belonging to h/
s/he is seen to be beginning or starting to do something
(event) it starts, begins
s/he extends from there, exists from there onward, is in place beginning then (and continuing onward)
s/he begins to cut; s/he begins to carve (e.g., meat, turkey)
s/he starts picking berries
s/he begins or starts out carrying load
s/he starts out on foot, leaves on foot; (toddler) s/he starts to walk
s/he begins to tell story, begins to tell what happened
s/he starts to make agreement with h/, negotiates with h/
s/he begins to tell it to h/ (story)
it begins to vibrate