Entry Definition
s/he leaves from there, sets out from there
starting, beginning; departing, going away; (traveler, etc.) starting off
s/he leaves, departs; s/he goes home
it leaves, departs; it starts going
s/he starts walking slowly, departs slowly on foot
s/he departs or sets out with hurried and audible steps
s/he leaves very quickly, departs angrily
it is starting to look like something; (show, dance) it has started; (train, bus) it looks as if it is about to depart
s/he starts off or goes away with line of followers behind (e.g., hen with chicks, teacher with children, squad-leader with soldiers)
s/he leaves by boat or car
they diverge, they depart or set out in different directions
s/he leaves or departs hurriedly