Entry Definition
(ash log) s/he is easy to pound; (boxer) s/he is easily hit or knocked out; (lender, etc.) s/he is a "soft touch"
s/he steps right into it (something soft, usually excrement)
it hits something soft and stops completely
s/he slaps h/ (on a soft part of the body) and the sound of this can be heard
s/he eats h/ with fingers or hand(s) (something soft or messy)
s/he eats it with fingers or hand(s) (something soft or messy)
s/he steps right in or on it (something soft or messy)
s/he accidentally touches h/, s/he takes all of h/ (something soft; e.g., dough)
s/he accidentally touches it; s/he takes all of it (something soft)
s/he takes all of something soft belonging to h/, accidentally touches something soft belonging to h/
the ground is soft
there is soft, deep snow
(baking powder, cornmeal, soil, etc.) it is soft or loose
s/he cooks it until soft or tender
s/he is cooked soft or tender
it is cooked until soft or tender
(tree) h/ wood is soft
(cloth; e.g., flannel) its texture is soft
(tree) s/he has soft branches or needles
s/he, it is soft, is tender
(chair, etc.) its seat is soft, its bottom is soft
it is soft, is comfortable
s/he, it gets soft, softens, becomes mushy
s/he smashes into small pieces something soft belonging to h/
s/he steps on it (something soft and wet; e.g., mudflat, boggy ground)