Entry Definition
ugly, hideous, evil-looking; fearsome, frightening
s/he does something wicked or evil
s/he uses spiritual powers for evil purposes (Sipayik)
bad, of poor quality; evil; lewd, obscene, dirty
it is spoiled, no good; it is incorrect; it is smutty, is vulgar; it is evil
s/he is bad, evil; (food) s/he is spoiled, sour, rancid; s/he is in bad condition
bad or evil person
bad or wicked deed; evil-doing
s/he is bad-hearted, is evil-hearted
s/he habitually has evil thoughts, s/he is evil-minded
bad thought(s), evil thought(s), lewd thought(s)
s/he thinks evil or lewd thoughts about it
s/he does bad or evil things
s/he curses h/, wishes evil on h/
(cap.) name of malicious woman in oral tradition; earthenware jug
devil, demon, evil spirit, Satan