Entry Definition
(person) s/he is tall and thin, is slim or slender (usually, too much so)
it is thin or narrow (usually, too much so)
(something stick-like) it is small in diameter, is thin
(stick) it is small in diameter, thin
(person, log, flagpole, carrot, cigar) s/he is small in diameter, is thin
s/he has thin or narrow face
(something small and string-like) it is thin, it is fine
it is finely braided, it is thin braid
s/he braids it into fine or thin braid
(snake, string, person) s/he is thin; (person) s/he is skinny
(rope, snake, etc.) s/he is thin
s/he cuts it into thin slices, cuts it into narrow strips
s/he slices something belonging to h/ into thin pieces
s/he is wasting away, is nothing but skin and bones
s/he wears clothes too thin for cold weather
s/he loses weight, becomes thin or thinner through excercise or diet
s/he loses weight, becomes thinner, slims
s/he is thin (having lost weight)
s/he cuts it thinner (e.g., cuts slice into two thinner slices)
s/he slices h/ thin
s/he slices it thin
it is sliced paper-thin
(blade) it is thin and sharp
(something stick-like) it is thin and flattened, is thin and delicate
s/he wears thin clothing (appropriately, or too thin to keep warm in)