Entry Definition
s/he affects h/ quickly; (inverse forms; disease, illness) it hits h/ quickly, (medicine) it takes effect on h/ quickly
s/he hits h/ hard, affects h/ strongly; s/he runs h/ over (with car)
s/he affects h/, stirs h/, moves h/ (emotionally or physically); (also, in inanimate subject forms) it bothers h/, worries h/, causes h/ concern
s/he stops affecting h/, no longer affects h/; s/he wears h/ out (garment, clothing)
s/he affects h/ badly; s/he holds h/ in lewd manner; (inverse forms; garment) s/he looks bad on h/, s/he doesn't suit h/
s/he kicks h/ quickly (football); (inverse forms only; drink, medicine) s/he, it affects h/ quickly
s/he makes h/, makes h/ in that way; s/he affects h/
s/he makes self; s/he affects self; it is h/ own fault, s/he has only self to blame
s/he rides or drives h/ (bicycle, animal); s/he pushes h/ with force of body or foot; s/he moves body closer to h/; s/he wears h/ (garment); s/he supports h/, backs h/ up (physically, morally); s/he affects h/ thus
s/he charges (certain price) for it; s/he affects it negatively